Poetry Corner 02: August 2017

Hello. After a year and change of neglect, the time is nigh to resurrect the highly coveted, highly revered, mostly feared Poetry Corner. I had an epiphany recently. Why, exactly, do we call it a Poetry Corner of all things? Picture this — Think of the earth as giant house party. If someone was going room to room trying to find you, where would you be? Most of the population would either be conversing in the living room or making a statement on the dance floor. But the people like me? The people who choose to express their lives through words? Yeah… a corner sounds right… A home away from home.

Aside from a hot take on #45 up front, I wanted to dive into the melancholy with today’s works. In a sense, this is a second tribute to Chester, the late lead singer of Linkin Park. Dude really knew how to get his emotions across. He wasn’t afraid of letting them be known either. I respect that. I want to harness some of that courage and embed it into me — Someone capable of sharing their darkness so that others don’t feel so alone.

All the works below are original, but each one is derived from a LP song. If you’re attentive, you may find some lyrics sprinkled therein. Typically, I try to polish any personal writing I do, but there’s something to be said for what we produce at the raw, instinctive level. Well… here goes.


Super Predator

Impulsive… careless

Highly unprofessional

Orange, the new black


It Never Comes

Waited for my light

Until I was left behind

Alone. In the dark


Leaving Me

Whispering secrets to an ear

That has long forgotten how to listen

My eyes insist that you’re still here

But hands go numb, so something’s missing


You fluctuate the sun and moon

A horoscope of shifting lights

I know that shade, it changes tune

The game you play just out of sight


You came to break the cycle

But then you threw it at the wall

The sacred vase of high hope

In pieces left to face the fall



Fear echoes through the blood




Underneath the paper-thin flesh

It stabs

And stabs

Until it can’t be ignored

Waiting to be downed

In a sea of screams


A cure for the itch


At times it seems so distant

Yet I always feel it…

Always watching

Waiting for my every mistake

Deep within this heart

I can no longer call my own


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